Book Corina for your Special Occasion!



Spice it Up (10 min) $175

This mini performance package is great for creating a burst of energy at your party. Whether you want to surprise your guests or add a little excitement and fun, this action packed teaser is bound to get the crowd warmed up for an amazing party.

Classic Belly Dance Show (30 min- 1 hr) $350

The classic belly dance show is a wonderful window into the tradition of belly dance. Here your guests will be enthralled by an exciting entrance piece as they will be transported on a journey of dance through the slow and sensual melodies and the energizing beats of the doumbek. Your guests will be up and dancing and having a great time before you know it!

Duet $500-800

Corina and Claudia are a beautiful bellydance duet with over 5 years of dancing together. Hire them together to bring double the fun to your party. Suitable for any size party!

Group Dance $500- $1000

Want a group show of gorgeous dancers? Hire anywhere between 2 - 10 dancers for a beautifully choreographed and entertaining show. This is perfect for larger events of 100+ people.

Performance & Lesson (1 hr) $500

Planning a ladies night? Why not include a dance by women for women. Here Corina will dazzle and enchant your guests with a perfectly timed 20 minute show and then teach you basic belly dance moves as well as some choreography. Corina is wonderful with kids too. What better way to get your kids to use their energy than to have them all up and dancing!

Build Your Own (20-30 min) $250 +

Can’t find a package that will suit your special occasion? Build your own! Pick and choose from a list of dance styles and props you would like to see and entertain your guests with.

Wedding with Sofreye Aghd (45- 60 min) $400

Have a traditional celebration with a Persian wedding spread bringing light and good fortune to the marriage. In this 2 part package, the bride and groom will be led into through the party to their seats, greeting their beloved guests along the way.  The soft scent of the Esfand, purifying the couples bond, the sound of joyful music and  elegant dancing will bring this couple the happiest day of their lives.

Wedding with Zaffa (45-60 min) $500

Want a dream wedding with the works? Make that dream a reality with this special wedding package with zaffa. This 2 part  show will be the highlight of your night with an exciting dance show and a beautiful wedding entrance of the Arabic tradition.

Ambiance (Hourly) $150/hr

Are you looking to add an exotic flare and beautiful ambiance to your party. Hire Corina and her dancers at an hourly rate to greet and take pictures with your guests.

Monthly Contracts $200-400/ Month

Monthly contracts are for business such as restaurants, lounges or any public space that is looking to add weekly or monthly recurring entertainment for their business.

Henna Party/ Mehendi (20 min) $250

Celebrate your wedding with a traditional Mehendi ritual, signifying the power of love and a good omen for the bride to be. Bright, colorful  and lively, this performance is sure to dazzle the bride and her friends.

Fire Fusion (20 min) $500

Bring the exotic to your party and dazzle your guests with fire belly dancing. This cutting edge performance is sure to wow your friends with this sensual dance.

Folkloric  (20 min) $250

This package is perfect for any cultural, educational or philanthropic event as Corina will bring the rich history of the Middle East with a showcase of the traditional dances of Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, the Arabian/Persian Gulf and Iraq. 

Eclectic Mix (20 min) $250

Planning a culture night or international day at work? This package features dances from all around the globe including Tahitian, Indian, Balinese and more. Through dance, your audiences will catch a glimpse of the world beyond the borders.

***Make sure to submit the Performance Request Form or text Corina to confirm availability, we book up fast!***