Dance with Corina!



Corina strives to impart the rich beauty and magic of dance among her students and inspire them to be creative and culturally aware citizens of the world. Her classes are designed to exercise the mind, body and soul, release stress, gain rhythm and musicality, cultural understanding, physical coordination, awareness of the body-and of course- to get in shape and have fun!

“Corina is a fabulous instructor; her class flows. Not only do you learn from a professional but

you have fun too.”

~Niomi C.

Los Angeles, CA

Online Classes

Corina offers one on one instruction from the comfort of your own home via video call!

Book an online lesson with Corina:


text/call 310-853-5012

Belly Dance Online Tutorials

Fan Veils Tutorial - Learn my favorite fan veil trick

AmCab Style Veil Moves - Learn about AmCab Style and fun veil tricks

How to do a belly flutter - Learn the mechanics of the diaphragm and drills on how to achieve the flutter

Camel Body Roll Undulation Drills - Enjoy a juicy back stretch and learn to move your torso fluidly

3/4 Shimmy Drills - Learn how to get clean and clear hip movements

Zill Drills- Click here to see some Zill exercises you can practice at home